Monday, February 22, 2010

New York, je t'aime

I'm always amazed at how many thrift stores there are in this city. Aside from the Salvation Armys and the Goodwills, New York has tons of other vintage shops, some just far too pricey to ever step foot in... I love it. I love being constantly taken in and inspired by each store, only to wonder what else I could find in the other ones.

Yesterday was spent walking around St. Mark's Place, which is one long street of little vintage treasure chests. I found a lovely skirt and a 1960's romper at Search and Destroy, which is probably my favorite thrift store.

This skirt has the most incredible shape! I just think it's perfect for spring/summer.

I also gave in and bought a super rare Velvet Underground shirt with Nico on it at Trash and Vaudeville, which I just had to..

I love how simple yet elegant her style was.

The Goodwill by FIT is also a favorite of mine, with good reason. All the fashion kids just drop off their creatively altered or out of season clothes when they get bored with them. I found a creatively altered vintage blazer with a sewn on button design, which I just think is so interesting!

I probably won't wear this a lot, but I just love the detail that went into the button design. It's definitely one of the more fun and creative handmade pieces I've come across.

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