Friday, March 26, 2010

Concert Fashion

Last night I saw Seabear at the Mercury Lounge, who were the utmost amazing. They're Icelandic, and the lead singer is too cute for real life.

I'm always torn on what to wear to concerts though. I'm obsessed with heels again, but of course it's not really practical to be standing on my feet for a few hours in non-sensible shoes.

so... I just ended up wearing some black leggings and my Velvet Underground shirt with vintage boots which is my usual go-to concert outfit.

What do you wear to a concert? For me it's the above or tights and a dress... never heels though, for the most part! I might be able to get away with wedges next time.


  1. I get scared to wear a dress to a concert... at the Muse concert in Nashville, I wore some skinny jeans and a striped tee... it's not flashy, but I knew I'd be sweating and I wasn't about to wear something that might encourage groaping, lol :))

    Aya ( Strawberry Koi Blog )

  2. haha! yea that's a good point, i guess it's hard to look amazingly cute at a concert without being somewhat reasonable.

    and oh my,,, i loveee your blog by the way! i think you're style is amazing. thanks so much for commenting!


  3. hahahah yes mich, i already said you can have him :( you guys look more alike, it works.