Monday, March 29, 2010

In-between Coats

For some reason I always have trouble finding an in-between seasons jacket. I just end up wearing my winter coat through spring until summer hits, and bring it back out in the fall... it's really frustrating actually. I'm not sure what it is. I just never find anything I like, and spring is so fleeting that it ends up becoming summer without even needing that medium in-between seasons type coat. Humm...

I'm still wearing this white coat I bought at Urban Outfitters in the winter, even though it's been reaching the high 50's at times here in New York.. craziness, I know. I just always skip the coat section for some reason when I'm shopping this time of year, but now I'm on the lookout for ones like these:

Military Style Coat from Topshop

Lightweight Contrast Coat from Topshop

Interior Decorated Coat from Modcloth

Rouge Apple Pea Coat from Ruche

Abigail Tulip Ruffle Coat from Ruche

I'm sort of an extremist when it comes to coat colors and styles. I mainly go for black or white, or intense fun colors like red or even yellow...mainly black and white though. or dark shades of grey. I'm not really into patterned coats like plaid, unless it's amazing. I prefer simple styles.


  1. Yes, I like it too.But the first is also nice.xo xo.

  2. He he, I do the same..and I'm also probably the only person wearing gloves now...I love the second one from Topshop and the Modcloth one :)

  3. The white one you're wearing is really cute! Love the red Modcloth one too<3

  4. Oh gosh that last coat is so so pretty!!
    I just found your blog through WIWT.. it's wonderful


  5. Mich and Sezen, yea the last one is my fave too!

    Diana, I thought I was the only one ahhaha! I always see people in cute spring coats and wonder where they get them from.

    Honey Bunny oh you're the best :)

    Grace, aww thank you!!!