Monday, March 15, 2010

Tokyo Luxe

I can only imagine what it's like to go vintage shopping in other parts of the world. Of course it's kind of crazy to think this since New York has an abundance of cute vintage boutiques just about everywhere, and they're all amazing! I'm just always wondering what a vintage store in Paris or another major city would be like. For some reason I envision them to be super fancy and almost intimidating, but in a good each dress costing $300 or more, but free champagne and pastries to entice you. Of course New York has vintage boutiques like this as well; I just never stay inside for too long! Hmm, one day. I love to travel.

If I could go thrifting anywhere right now, it would be Tokyo ~ no question about it. I love everything about Japanese culture. I found some pictures to the home of the Dolly-Kei fashion scene I mentioned in an earlier post..

Photos from Tokyo Fashion
These photos are from inside the vintage store Grimoire. It looks magical in there!


  1. these are amazing I wanna go thrifting in Japan now. I could spend days in that shop xx

  2. this store looks so amazing. i might have to write it into my itinery for trip to Japan I have planned for later in the year.

  3. oh, you're sooo lucky to be going!! that's amazing.

  4. Wow, This is so fabulous! So many things full to the brim of the store!