Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wonderland Couture

Photo from denverpost
Sue Wong just came out with a line inspired by Alice in Wonderland. These looks represent the more romantic and Victorian-era side of it!

Let's not forget jewelry. Stella McCartney and Swarovski designed some pieces, but I'm really loving these Wonderland jewels by Tom Binns...

Wonderland rose garden inspiration

Tea party... I kind of need to have this necklace.

This antique chain bracelet is lovely. There are multiple charms on it like the Mad Hatter's Hat, teapots, the Cheshire Cat, cards and more! I'm debating whether this one or the tea cup necklace is my favorite, but right now I'm leaning towards this one. I love the antique look of it. I wish I could justify spending the amount they are worth!

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