Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Inspiration

Easter is actually one of my favorite holidays, and so underrated in my opinion.. I'm obsessed with everything it's associated with ~ the pastel colors, painted eggs, candy, bunnys...all things cute. and who doesn't love a cute easter dress? I remember when I was little, my parents would dress me up in amazing little pastel dresses with white tights, buckled ballet flats and those easter hats! I always looked forward to it.

Patouf Spring/Summer 2010 via Liebemarlene
This is my easter dream dress. That pastel lavender color is perf.

Love these as well...

Modcloth dress

Ruche dress

I just bought seafoam green nail lacquer from American Apparel. I'm quite impressed with their color selection. Pastel nail polish is the best.

I remember two easters ago when these plush peep toys came out, I became obsessed with them and tracked them down at every drug store until I found one purple peep toy bunny left... ahhahaa, I just think they're too cute! Does anyone else love easter pastels and these little peep toys?

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  1. those Peep plushies are sooooo cute, I'd never seen them. I too love Easter, the pastels, the candy, the colours, the fresh feeling of spring and the time off hehe.