Monday, April 19, 2010

I don't mind the sun sometimes

I guess I have a slight obsession with sunglasses. My relationship with them is quite strange though... either I lose a few pairs (mysteriously, too!), or I could never justify spending the amount the nice ones cost ~ except for my wayfarers which I'm sort of getting sick of already.. well not really, I just want a change.

A vintage pair of sunglasses from the 60s like Francoise Hardy's would be nice..

Photos from Elle

Oversized square glasses are the best.

I almost bought these Proenza Schouler glasses at TJmaxx today at an extra reduced price, but I still couldn't justify paying the amount they were.

I neverrrr usually splurge on a fancy pair unless I'm seriously in love with them, and a knockoff just won't cut it. especially with the mysterious disappearances taking place and my tendency to throw them in my bag without putting them in my case first. typical..

but I think I might have to get these Grey Ant ones which I love:

I found a sort of knockoff pair at Forever 21 that might have to do for now until I save up some pretty pennies for a red pair!

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