Friday, April 16, 2010

Voodoo Girl

I had the pleasure of viewing the Tim Burton exhibit at the MoMA a few months ago, and what a delightful treat it was. From his film shorts, early art works and poetry, to the movie props and costumes, I was blown away.. easily one of the best art exhibits I've amazing. His work isn't depressing at all. It's lighthearted and sort of romantic with a gothic aesthetic. love it. I will always be inspired by his style.

Dress and tights: H&M
Military jacket: Salvation Army
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Bag: Forever 21

It's gloomy and grey out, so rather than wear bright colors (which I sometimes do when it rains), I opted for black and white. I feel like Beetlejuice in this outfit.


  1. I'm a huge Tim Burton fan, I envy you! I agree, he's work is very romantic.

    I love your outfit!

  2. The jacket is from Salvation Army? What a faboulous find! And I looove your dress...I was looking for this dress at H&M for ages, but they don't have it here anymore..

    Love, Diana

  3. that exhibit sounds awesome, I really wish I could have seen it!!

  4. I Love your shoes!!! love your tea party for one pics, i did photo shoot alice in wonderland at a tea party on my blog check it out if uve time :)
    vicki xo