Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fables in the Air

I was never heavily into jewelry, in fact, I don't really have any super fancy pieces that I can say I'm in love with. For a while I was obsessed with Tarina Tarantino and plastic jewelry that was similar in aesthetics. I would layer bracelets and even necklaces, which I still do sometimes.. but lately I've been drawn to overly delicate pieces that I normally wouldn't consider. I think I'm just getting more into jewelry than I was.

Tom Binns is probably my favorite jeweler right now, ever since I discovered his Wonderland set. I love his style. but I just recently discovered Fables in the Air, and their necklaces and charms are pretty lovely..

Ribbons of Chains necklace
My favorite, and there are a few different ways to wear it!

Fables Couture Tassel neckpiece

Skeleton Key Chain link
I will never stop loving skeleton keys, even as prominent as they appear in jewelry.
Photos from Fables in the Air by Marti Heil

I just love how unique they make simple sterling silver look. definitely nostalgic too, like their button on a string necklace! Their website is amazing too, and there are even more original and pretty pieces.

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