Friday, July 23, 2010

Nothing but Grey Skies

Right now there's a tornado watch in all five boroughs of New York, and it's pretty much hurricane status outside. It's kind of exciting actually. I've always loved scary thunderstorms, and rain can be sort of romantic when it's scarce...which isn't this summer. I know I keep talking about weather, but I guess I'm sort of obsessed with it since I tend to plan my outfits for the day around how it will be outside.

I already have my whimsical bubble umbrella and black Steve Madden rain boots that I swear by, but I'm in need of a serious, completely reasonable raincoat..

I'm starting to love the way clear vinyl raincoats look. The Emma Cook one on the left is especially my favorite, but they both have the similar aesthetic I like. I remember seeing a raincoat like these in Target last year, but it didn't have the black lining which makes it look so much better.

I still love the thought of owning a typically cute yellow one, though.

Kate Spade Sketchpad Ivy Coat, Karmaloop Hunter Gatherer Jacket

These are both vintage inspired which I love, especially the Kate Spade one with the raglan sleeves. I wish I could still get the one from Karmaloop, I can't seem to find it! except for on amazon in a juniors extra, extra won't work. Those toggle buttons kill me.

Oh and

so cute. via Tumblr, but I wish I knew where it was from!


  1. Oh I love these raincoats! I wish I had either a transparent one or a red one:)

  2. a red one would be perfect! my fave color right now ;)

  3. The red one with the umbrellas was from Heritage 1981, in the springtime.