Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This past weekend was my older sister's wedding, and from Saturday up until Monday morning, it was just nonstop wedding partying/chaos.

Saturday was the church ceremony, followed by the rehearsal dinner at night. I had to dress pretty conservative, considering I was going to be at church followed by a huuuge family dinner...

I just wore this dress from Target with my fave wedges.

Then Sunday was the official wedding!

All of the bridesmaids, and my nervous smile.. The color of the dress was guava, I loved how tropical it looked.

I was the maid of honor, so I had to give that scary speech that I've been dreading since I heard the date of the wedding, haha. It was actually quite a success though! I didn't get a chance to take any photos, since i was too busy being in the wedding photos. These are all from my cousin.

I was fending off a bee at the time, which is why I'm looking down.

The happy couple.

Then Monday morning was the wedding brunch. It was a really fun long wedding weekend... I loved how the ceremony, as well as the cocktail hour took place outside. There were even peacocks roaming around. I've always hated the idea of weddings, but I usually end up having a good time!


  1. Oh that dress is so cute! And I love that flower in your hair;)

  2. Your dress is so pretty. You look beautiful in that. Also loved you bridesmaid dress too. Hope you had a lovely time there. Recently had also attended a grand wedding at NYC wedding venues and wore a beautiful dress there.