Sunday, August 1, 2010

Designer Thrift

Blouse: See by Chloe
Skirt and shoes: Forever 21

I scored this See by Chloe blouse at a Buffalo Exchange a few days ago. I love the fringe sleeves, they have little yellow beads on them. That's my favorite part of thrifting.. I usually end up finding out of season designer clothes at a ridiculously low price, especially in the city. it's amazing. These are my new favorite shoes I bought from Forever 21. I could actually walk in them all day for once, I swear they're so comfortable!


  1. i love forever 21 shoes, they are always comfy for me

  2. this is why I LOVE shopping at Buffalo Exchange, they seriously have the best stuff!

  3. i love your top
    i;m going to add you on lookbook please follow back

  4. I love these shoes! And jealous of your Chole score! :)

    Great photos!

    Angela @Whatcha Find?