Monday, August 16, 2010

Leopard and Red

Leopard Jacket: Goodwill
Shorts: F21
Boots: Vintage
Necklace: H&M

I have a love/hate relationship with leopard print, mainly because it can have a tendency to look tacky. I was obsessed with it a few years ago, became sick of it, now I think I'm back...especially after finding this blazer type thing at Goodwill. It's the comfiest thing everr, though I think I fooled myself walking out my apartment with it since it's sill incredibly hot outside! My excuse was the rain, it just feels right with a cardigan in the summer. Don't mind my disheveled, humid rain hair. I love mixing leopard with red, for some reason the combination works well..hence my red cowboy booties I thrifted in New Orleans.


  1. I think animal prints are pretty cyclical in that they become fashionable and passe very quickly, I think this outfit looks cute on you!

  2. i was gonna say the exact same thing when i read ur post. leopard can look tacky and that's why i've never wore a jacket or any other statement pice with that print. BUT i think you did a great job on that outfit. looks lovely and chic on you. good job! xoxo

  3. that leopard jacket is FAB. great find!!