Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blackbird Attic


My good friend Michelle is the owner of Blackbird Attic Boutique, a consignment shop in Beacon, New York. It's a lovely little store filled with amazing vintage clothing...not to mention tons of designers at affordable prices. If you live in the Hudson Valley/New York City area, it's definitely worth checking out. They are now selling clothes on etsy, so be sure to take a look here.

My fave dress from the shop, the 70s Long Paisley Dress.. how amazing is it? It's available to buy on etsy ; )

..oh and they also sell clothes on their online website!


  1. Oh cool! I' will actually be in NYC for a short trip this Thursday! This shop looks amazing!

  2. Nice, that sounds like fun!! You should try to stop by Blackbird Attic ;) Have a good trip!

  3. aaaaaaaa lovely dress! I really love it and want it!
    what if we follow each other or exchange link?
    xo, Lorine