Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Empty lots

90s Floral Top: Salvation Army
Skrit: F21
Tights: Etsy
Shoes: JC
Bag: Vintage

The autumn colors, velvet floral print and sheerness of this blouse made me grab it without thinking at my Salvation Army, as obviously tacky 90s as it looks. The fall colors are fitting, and it even has that tinge of orange that I was looking for without being overwhelming. and these lace tights, they're my new favorite. I love how they give the illusion of disconnecting the top part of my leg from the bottom, giving it a broken doll-like effect.


  1. I am so down with velvet this season!

  2. Love the mix of patterns! (those booties are fabulous!!!)


  3. This is so unique.

    The tights are lovely, as are you

    love always~
    hope to hear from you ^_^

  4. oh i love the shoes so much! xx