Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas List

I'm not expecting to get more than half of these items (if any at all!), but I've fallen a victim to pretend online shopping..

Jeffrey Campbell Brit Boots
or just any pair of motorcycle boots that I've neglected to purchase in the past due to high costs. I love how the straps and buckles hold these boots in place.. somewhat flimsy, yet perfectly stable due to the sturdiness of the leather. my ideal boot.

Deena & Ozzy Moto Satchel
I love this. I don't own many bags, I'd rather buy shoes! I keep using my small vintage purse or a tote bag to carry things in, I'm in need of a change.

TopShop Rose Chain Jumper
Upon first glance, I wouldn't think twice to spend the amount this jumper is worth, but after seeing the chain embellishment alongside the slashed threads, my mind was quickly changed.

Fair isle Print Socks
and anything with a fair isle/snowflake pattern.

Kimchi Blue Faux Fur Coat
I love cute but sort of strange things like this coat.

Sequin Dress
anything with sequins. I love how this dress has a midnight blue and sapphire tint. It looks like layers upon layers of sequins, too.

Chanel Lucite Cuff
..but in black instead of cream white. I've always wanted one of these. and yes, I'm completely deluding myself. I think I'd be okay with a knockoff, though. It's probably the only logo that can get away with fraud, at least jewelry or shirt-wise.

Vintage Chanel Chain Bag
another nonsensical item that I'd love to have.


  1. i love those buckle boots! and of course anything chanel satisfy my needs

  2. I love the biker boots! And the chanel, of course :)

  3. I asked for print socks too!

  4. nice choices! i esp like the boots, bag, socks and dress

  5. I love the Chanel bag and the sequined dress :) Lovely things here!!