Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What's in the bag?

There's always something interesting to see what someone else is carrying around in their bag.. at least a giant, fun-sized one like this faux fur bag I bought at H&M. As massive as it is, I try (for the most part) to travel light. This particular faux fur bag also serves the function as a half-blanket when I'm sitting on the subway, believe it or not.

in it: panda wallet from modcloth, makeup bag, movie stubs, since I'm constantly seeing a new flick, Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner.. I actually freak out when I leave the house without it. not really sure why. Aquolina's Pink Sugar roll on perfume and lotion.. my favorite sugary scent ever! shimmer lipgloss, Aubrey Organics peppermint and tea tree oil lip balm, cupcake scented antibacterial gel, green tea mints, a pen, blackberry storm..i'm holding out for the iphone for verizon in feb!, ipod touch.


  1. haha your bags are always like a galaxy... you can find in a lot of things and sometimes you dont have any idea about what you have in or not!! fantastic!! love bag and that is beautiful!! im a new follower!!

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  2. interesting bag...your panda wallet is so cute

  3. We should totally plan to meet up to grab coffee or something while you're in the area!

    email me: stewa122@hotmail.com


  4. that panda wallet is so kawaii! (cute) :)