Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Comic Con


This past weekend I attended Comic Con at the Javits center. In normal circumstances, I'd be scared off by these types of events, but my friend's boyfriend was selling his toys at a booth so I decided to help out and see what all the craze was for. It was a good excuse to act like a cartoon for a few hours, although I'm seriously contemplating dying my hair all blue (or pink? we'll see. . . ). It weirdly wasn't as dorky/scary as I thought, and Hello Kitty was everywhere. Comic books, pop art and Japanese pop culture was in excess, which ended up making the whole trip well worth it.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Inspiration: Kurt Cobain

Getting inspired by menswear, when I never really thought twice about what mens' fashion is really about. I usually prefer if a guy is nonchalant and not obsessed with fashion, but still looks fashionable and chic. Not sure if that can exist, but it sure does seem like guys who are best dressed just sort of flop out of bed and get dressed with an uncaring attitude, but still look amazing and unorganized-ish-ly put together. Men always look so comfortable too, right? which is definitely one of my fashion goals for fall...

anyway... Kurt Cobain best describes what I mean. He will always be a huge source of inspiration.